My crazy and colourful world

My story is fairly simple, I'm a mother to an adorably awesome and hysterically funny 3 year old. I married the most supportive man and I love to create art.

After having my daughter I was inspired to create a fun little world that she could escape too. I started playing around with different animals and eyes and paws, I ended up falling in love with a bat that I drew. After that bat I went on the create a whole world of these brightly coloured semi creepy but cute characters. I started giving them names, birthdays and backstories and before I knew it I had crocheted them.

I only made a few because they are quite time consuming and my daughter LOVES them. She knows all their names and plays house with them. I feel like I succeeded in giving my daughter new best friends. My artwork works great for kids but it also has that whimsical maturity so adults can enjoy the fun within them as well.

Finally I want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who appreciates my work and supports my shop. You are the reason I continue to do this and I'm loving every minute.